Thursday, October 20, 2011

Time Flies when your having fun

Walking into Mapleton Elementary school on my first day of student teaching I was flooded with emotions: excited, nervous, and anxious to jump into a new experience. It's always nerve racking to walk into someone elses classroom as a student teacher,but I couldn't have asked for a better mentor teacher. Mrs. Kerschner has not only taught me so many new teaching ideas and techniques but has also made me grow as an educator. I had a fabulous class full of 23 loving students who had character, energy, and excitement to learn. There never was a day that I didn't walk out of the classroom with a smile on my face. I can't believe that today was my last day as a Mapleton Mountie!

Each of my students brought me a book today to add to my very own classroom library. They know my love for children's books too well! Tonight I took a break from packing and went to watch my first graders in their musical "Squirm". They did a fabulous job, and moments like this make me excited for when I have my own classroom someday. Although this was my last day with them, I will be sure to visit them as soon as I get back from Florida. I don't think that I can stay away much longer! I will never forget this class of students and all of the things they have taught me. Mrs. Kerschner has truly taken me under her wing and has pushed me to become better teacher. I want to thank her for her time and allowing me to come into her classroom.

Tomorrow I will be driving down to Florida to finish my student teaching in Celebration, Florida. I can't wait to start a new experience. I will continue to keep you posted on what is to happen in and out of the classroom while I am down south.

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