Sunday, November 6, 2011

The adventure continues

This past week/weekend was an adventurous one! This week in school I taught my first supervised lesson in Florida! I'm not going to lie I was super nervous about how this would go. I was nervous until the lesson was completely over. I taught science and how to prepare for severe weather. Needless to say, I learned about hurricanes and my class learned about snow storms, who thought it would be so fascinating! The students were so shocked that in Ohio schools get days off because of the snow! The funniest thing was when one girl in my class said, "I'm from Florida and I'm going to stay here." I'm not sure how well she would do in Ohio weather. Despite all my nerves it went fabulous, the students loved it and I felt like it went very well. The students created a disaster supply kit, where they were asked to fill it with things that would be helpful in a severe weather situation. They turned out super cute! This class really enjoys doing hands on projects which I love as well. I know that there will be more hands on activities to come! This week in second grade we will be learning about snow and clouds to continue our weather unit! I will be taking over the majority of the class this week. I'm nervous but it will be nice to really have the opportunity to get into the class and work with the students.

This weekend was full of excitement as well! I got to check two things off of the bucket list. On Friday night we just relaxed with the McDowell family. It was nice to just sit around and chill for a night. Saturday, Aubrey and I got up and went to Cameron's dirt bike race. We told him that we wouldn't be able to make it, he was a little bummed but we had it all planned! Aubrey and I made shirts and surprised him at the race track! It definitely made me feel at home when I looked around and saw all the people with campers, dirt bikes, and quads. Who would have thought that when I came to Florida I would go to a dirt bike race! I had a blast though and Cameron was so happy that we showed up! The track was literally in the middle of an orange tree grove, so on the way out of the track we stopped and got to pick oranges off a tree. There were so many trees it was crazy! They taste amazing though, fresh off the tree!
Then that night Aubrey and I got into Magic Kingdom for free with Savanna and her friend Andrea! It's crazy to think that it was only a 15-20 minute drive to Disney! The park was open late so we stayed until about 11:30, we were starving and it started to rain so we decided it was time to leave. It was nice to take a break from lesson plans and just have a great time with some awesome people! I'm sure that there will be many more adventures with Savanna and Andrea!

I'm enjoying my time here and I can't believe that tomorrow starts week 3! It's crazy that time flies so fast! Only one more week until Thanksgiving and I will be flying home to see my family.

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  1. So jealous! Sounds like you're having an amazing time and I can't wait to hear all about it when you get home!